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Meet the Decorating Divas

Karla and Tina, known as the "2 Decorating Divas" love a great party! Being both elementary school teachers and single mothers, they have spent years planning and decorating for countless parties, as well as school and church functions. At the encouragement of family and friends, they merged their creative minds to help others in the greater Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee areas to create and decorate for their own memorable events. With their strong work ethic and passion for perfection, they can add pizazz to any party or special occasion!

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Meet Karla

A sign hanging in my home reads, "Celebrate Everything!" and this has become a favorite mantra of mine.  I am happiest when I am able to commemorate the accomplishments and special life events of those around me. With a degree in elementary education and having taught for many years in Knoxville, I have been able to use and foster my creativity to visually enhance the world around me. I thoroughly enjoy designing and decorating for any occasion and most who know me say I am a bit "extra" when I do so! I do love going "above and beyond" to create lasting memories!  My favorite place to be is anywhere with my two children, Jacob and Jaden.  I love traveling, theatre, children's literature, shopping, and, of course, decorating!

Meet Tina

Being an elementary school teacher and a mother of three children have provided me with many opportunities to do what I love best- using my creativity to design and decorate.  Whether it be creating a visually inviting classroom or planning fun and festive parties for my children, I have always found joy in producing memorable decor and events.  I also enjoy cooking and baking- I love the way food brings family and friends together. Customizing cookies and cakes to bring a little extra magic to a special day is one of my favorite contributions.  I enjoy spending time on the lake with my three children, Abby, Sarah, and Ethan, and my granddaughter, Avery.  Some of my favorite hobbies include sewing, crafting, shopping, and decorating.

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